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At Scott Mann Golf Academy, we stand at the forefront of elite golf instruction in the Greater Portland area. Our partnerships with premier facilities in Southern Maine allow us to provide our clients with exceptional indoor and outdoor golf experiences. Scott Mann is dedicated to continuous education, ensuring that both he and his team of instructors deliver consistently excellent lessons.

We believe that every golfer has a unique story, told through their body mechanics. With thousands of lessons taught, Scott Mann Golf Academy has discovered that the key to improving golf swings and lowering scores lies in understanding these stories and working within individual parameters.



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Our commitment to personalized instruction is enhanced by our use of advanced 3D technology, capturing your swing mechanics like never before. This allows us to tailor our guidance to your current swing and body mechanics, helping you achieve a more effective and efficient swing.

Scott Mann Golf Academy is founded on the principle of keeping it simple. By avoiding unnecessary complexities that can cloud the mind and hinder performance, we focus on clear, direct instruction that empowers you to perform at your best.

At Scott Mann Golf Academy, your best game is our ultimate goal.

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Scott Mann, the owner and Director of Instruction at Scott Mann Golf Academy (SMGA), brings nearly five decades of golf knowledge to his business. Known for his welcoming spirit and genuine desire to understand his students, Scott has taught players of all ages and skill levels. His attention to detail, understanding of diverse personalities, and adaptable teaching methods cater to the unique learning behaviors of each student.

Scott teaches with a calm and concise manner, putting players at ease and facilitating great results. His approach helps students achieve lower scores and enjoy the game more. Comfortable in all teaching settings—whether it be junior camps, ladies’ clinics, or private and small group lessons—Scott has taught the full spectrum of golfers, engaging and educating players of all abilities.

Growing up across the street from the local golf course in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Scott’s love for the game began early. Over the years, his passion and knowledge of the golf swing and its mechanics have only grown. Scott’s career started as an outside service specialist and, just eight years later, he became the Head Golf Professional at one of Maine’s premier private facilities. Throughout his career, his constant passion has been teaching the game. Mentored by some of the most accomplished teachers and equipped with extensive PGA training, Scott brings knowledge, patience, and a contagious enthusiasm for golf to his teaching.

Excited for the upcoming season at SMGA, Scott looks forward to many rewarding lessons—both taught and learned. He currently resides in Falmouth, Maine, with his wife Sara and their three children: Davis (16), Harper (13), and Elliott (9).

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